Lisp utilities on demand

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Why ?

For an in-depth discussion about and its motivation, read this article.

When developing libraries in Common Lisp, it is almost always the case there will be one or more utility.lisp files. It is also not uncommon for these utility files to have repetition across different applications, which leads a developer to creating their own Common Lisp utilities projects, as can be seen on the CLiki Utilities page.

An attempt at a solution to this problem was to create what became the de facto standard library for Common Lisp utilities: Alexandria. While Alexandria contains on the order of 100 high quality, useful utilities, it suffers from a very slow-moving oligarchy. Alexandria's improvement depends on their willingness to cooperate in a timely manner with the community.

is a different approach to utility libraries. Instead of being a single, monolithic library, e.g., Alexandria, it attempts to be a nimble and lean platform for distribution of utilities piecemeal. Because only the utilities needed or requested are installed (manually or automatically), introducing new utilities, even experimental ones, to the platform does not bloat all consumers of the library, and only requires a cursory check to see if it follows a few guidelines.

attempts to bring several popular public domain utility libraries together in a compatible way. Currently, it includes full support for Alexandria and split-sequence. Other quality utilities and libraries are welcome and encouraged to be added.